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S10 center channel speaker stand allows listeners to extract everything their compact center channel speaker or high-end sound bar has to offer. 12 degrees of upward tilt point the speaker toward the listener’s ear to deliver flawless, on-axis response and lifts the speaker from the furniture surface to reduce early reflections improving clarity. Foam dampening and a bent metal design absorb vibrations to lessen distracting rattling caused by resonances in the room. The low-profile design allows for lower TV placement compared to traditional pedestal-style speaker stands resulting in a more comfortable viewing position. S10 is compatible with center channels and sound bars 5.5″-6.9″ deep and 16″-36″ wide.
$49.99 USD
Selected: Steel (Black)
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Get the most out of your speakers.


Tilting your speaker upwards helps deliver flawless, on-axis response and reduce reflections from the furniture surface which can reduce clarity.


Foam padding and a bent metal design decouple the speaker from the furniture surface resulting in less vibrations being transmitted into the room.

Get the most out of your speakers.

S10 Center Channel Speaker Stand


Speaker Stand | 6x Foam Pads

Selected: Steel (Black)
$49.99 USD

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Perfect companions.

Pairing your speakers with matching speaker stands allow you to experience all of the frequencies they have to offer. Available in a variety of sizes and styles to compliment any size speakers.