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Take your sound game to the next level with the SE6 Elevated Speaker Stand. Standing at a height of 6.9″, the SE6 boosts your speakers up and off the surface of your desk so that they’re better aligned with your ears to give you a flawless on-axis response. Its cantilevered and angled platform is designed to absorb resonance and deliver a pure sound without any reflections from nearby surfaces. 2.5mm of silicone padding provide a strong grip that helps keep your speakers and stand in-place. For maximum protection, the SE6 comes with a set of mounting screws that you can use to secure compatible speakers to the stand to prevent falls and accidents. The SE6 is available in both black and white and can hold up to 22 lbs.

$99.99 USD
Selected: Black
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Get the most out of your speakers.


Elevate and align your speakers with your ears so that you can enjoy flawless on-axis sound while preventing reflections from nearby surfaces.


Silicone padding on the top and bottom of each stand helps to isolate your speakers, provide grip, and reduce undesirable resonance.

Get the most out of your speakers.

SE6 Elevated Desktop Speaker Stands


2x Speaker Stands | 2x 1⁄4”-20 Screws (5/8″ Length)

Available in: Black | White
$99.99 USD

Perfect companions.

Pair your SE6 stands with YU6 or TUK powered bookshelf speakers for a fully upgraded audio experience.

Available in black and white to compliment your setup.

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