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ST Series

Positioning your speakers with your ears and away from objects that could cause reflections allows you to extract maximum performance from your speakers. Enhance your audio experience with ST28 and ST34 floor-standing speaker stands designed for bookshelf and standmount speakers up to 30 lbs. These stands are made with sturdy steel columns and an MDF base for increased weight and stability. Leveling rubber feet are included for hard floors along with carpet spikes for secure floor coupling. Built-in cable management keeps your cables organized and out of sight while the understated design of these stands complements any home decor. ST-series speaker stands are sold as a pair and are available in 28” or 34” heights.
  • 26"
  • 32"
$99.99 USD
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  • 28"
  • 34"
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Enjoy crisp and clear audio.

Line speakers up with your ears, place them in the room to avoid peaks or nulls in bass response and reduce reflections from walls or furniture that can combine with the incoming audio signal and muddy the sound.

Maintain stability on any surface.

Height adjustable rubber feet and carpet spikes let you use ST on any floor and level your speakers for superior performance and looks.

Hide those cables.

Route speaker wire and full-size power cables through the spacious steel column to keep your wiring organized and out of sight while reducing tripping hazards.

Universally compatible.

ST speaker stands work perfectly with medium and large-sized speakers from Kanto or other brands making them perfect for anyone looking to enjoy clear audio without unwanted resonance.

ST Speaker Floor Stands


2x Speaker Floor Stands | 8x Rubber Dome Feet | 8x Spiked Feet | User Manual

Selected: 28"
$179.99 USD

Silk Dome Tweeters

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